At CollagenColab, we're committed to leading the way in nutricosmetics, enriching health, wellness, and skincare from within. Our Biophotonic nutricosmetics range embodies a unisex approach, harmoniously blending collagen with collagen-enhancing ingredients. This reflects our inclusive ethos and dedication to a minimalist philosophy.

Our skincare line draws inspiration from the untamed beauty of the wild and rugged North sea and Atlantic ocean coastlines. Due to scarcity and conservation priorities, our production is limited to small, bespoke batches, each meticulously crafted with premium ingredients, tailored for diverse ages, skin types, and genders, ensuring optimal results and quality.

As purveyors of premium collagen and as part of our collaborative ("Colab") approach, we utilize the healing properties of the ocean alongside a blend of unique ingredients to craft our high-end skincare range.


Our biophotonic skincare range preserves the inherent biophotonic activity of natural products, safeguarding their integrity and eliminating the need for preservatives while retaining their natural properties.


Arguably the finest marine collagen available, sea cucumber stands as a superfood for the skin. Amidst the competitive skincare landscape, our steadfast dedication to innovation has set a new standard in product excellence. Dubbed the "ginseng of the sea," our Atlantic sea cucumbers are authentic wild catches, thriving in "zero-pollution" zones untouched by human intervention throughout their life cycle.

This marine collagen, integral to our advanced cosmetics and skin revitalization products, reflects our brand's dedication to quality and efficacy.